Equality and Employment Law Centre’s vision is to be recognised as the preferred UK-based specialist provider of employment law and discrimination advice, HR and training & development to individuals, non-profit, CIC, social enterprises and charitable organisations to promote a fairer and more equal society. We believe that everybody should be treated equally and with dignity and respect in the workplace and society at large.



Equality and Employment Law Centre exists to actively tackle poverty, injustice and discrimination through the provision of specialist employment law advice and specialist discrimination advice and advocacy to individuals and organisations.

We also deliver advice and training on employment law and discrimination to charitable or voluntary sector organisations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation.

Furthermore, we exist to advance the knowledge and understanding of employment law and discrimination among our communities, businesses and employees to create a fairer and more equal society.


Our Vision and Mission are underpinned and characterized by clearly defined organisational Values which help to drive our work. Equality and Employment Law Centre has adopted the following ten organisational values:

1. Integrity - working with strategic rather than personal agendas and leading by example with honesty.

2. Enabling excellence - driving our reputation as the leader in our field by embedding a culture of excellence and professionalism which celebrates successes and responds openly and positively to feedback, promoting and raising awareness of effective leadership and teamwork in the workplace.

3. Customer focused - putting client needs at the centre of our work and demonstrating empathy and understanding for our clients.

4. Teamwork – achieving our successes together through co-operation, giving our time to mutual support and respect.
5. Partnership - achieving and delivering excellence through partnership working with like-minded organisations.

6. Equality & Social Justice – champions of equality and access to justice promoting a fairer and equal society.

7. Ambitious - resources are allocated and deployed to allow Equality and Employment Law Centre to identify, respond to and maximise new opportunities.

8. Ethical – operating with an ethical ethos founded on respect, accountability, transparency and trust.

9. Inclusion - Ensuring the perspectives of our internal and external stakeholders are considered in longer-term planning and decision-making.

10. Sustainable - We promote financial, ethical and social sustainability in all areas of our work.