Support our work and help fight inequality

We help thousands of people a year access the justice system and provide them with advice to keep their jobs, resolve dispute with employers or fight discrimination. We also help people understand your rights to be treated equally and free from discrimination when buying goods or accessing services, including protection against harassment and rights to accessibility.

You may think everyone has access to free legal advice but sadly you are wrong.  Many of our clients are in work in poverty and cannot afford legal advice and are not eligible for legal aid. Sadly, they fall between the gaps. Furthermore, there is no longer legal aid available for employment advice outside of discrimination. Most of our individual clients come to us for help when they are traumatised and in crisis. Our work transforms lives:
“Thank you, Helen, for all your help. You have been helpful and efficient, and you've made the whole experience so much less stressful for me than it could have been! 
I'm not just saying that because I got some money either, I really appreciate that you were easy to get hold of, always kept me updated and helped me understand my options.“

“When nobody else would listen or help me you took my case on and won!!! You have made our lives so much easier now that the bathroom is getting done. I don’t know how we would have coped as I am getting so much older.“
“My son thanks you for all your hard work he said that you were the only person who has helped him. He was pleased with all you had done to help him. Well done, keep up the good work!”

People need our help more than ever. We need people like you support our work. Any donation will be gratefully received, please give what you can.

You can donate via our just giving site or by cheque or payment directly into our bank account. Please contact our office manager for more details: or 0151 237 2664 option 3.